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Fresh Tune Ups
and more!

Whether its your Honda Civic or your Dads Delorian, we provide the best quality service to make sure your vehicle can get you to where you need. We go the extra mile and only install the best equipment and at the best price!

Our Automotive  Services

Brake Service

Brakes squeeling or having to push the brake pedal harder to stop? We have you covered!

Engine Tune Ups (Gas and Diesel)

Getting passed by grandma to the grocery store? We have you covered!

Engine Repairs

Is your engine knocking on havens door? We have you covered

Engine Rebuilds

Did cylinder 5 come say hi??? We have that covered too!!!

Fuel Injectors

Does your vehicle feel like its not getting enough fuel? We can clean your injectors for ya!

Computer Diagnostics

Is your vehicle's check engine light still glowing through that black electrical tape? we can help find the problem!

Scheduled Maintenance

Adamant your vehicle needs to be always running at its best? We can help you with that!


Starting to really feel the potholes on the city streets? we can help get that magic carpet ride back!


whether its a flush, or all of the gears suddenly became neutral we can get that fixed too!

Warranty Approved Maintenance

Just bought a new vehicle and need a service? We can do that

Tire and Rim Balancing

Just bought new tires and need a place to install? We can get you in and out in as little as 25min!

Foreign and Domestic

Import a vehicle from another country and want some work done to it? we can help with that as well!

Why you may need a tune up

Not all vehicles were made the same. Some have simple, easily accessible parts, while others you begin to question whether the engineers were in the same room while building it. Regardless, our team is dedicated to getting you back on the road. Replacing your vehicle is costly, let us get you back up and running! Understanding your vehicle is also essential. Our mechanics will also educate you on your vehicle so you know when its time for a tune up, before hand rather than later.

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